New Huawei laptop to run Sketchup?

I am new to Sketchup, but have used Photoshop for decades, so I am used to graphics programs, i. e. the faster the processor the better. I need a laptop to initially run the free Web version to design a extension in plan then 3d rendered. I may upgrade to a paid version at a later date, but initially it is a one off, and I am doing it for personal rather than business use.

I am open to either Apple or Windows Chromebook versions, however I have a Huawei P20 pro phone, which I am very pleased with and the Huawei Mate Book pro 2020 has appeal because of the integration with the phone and fingerprint recognition for login.

Huawei produce Intel I5 and I7 versions with built in NVIDIAĀ® GeForceĀ® MX250 graphics cards or there are AMD versions.

I donā€™t want to under spec, but I do want to avoid any techy problems. Is anyone using the Huawei range, or do you have any alternative recommendations? My architect uses an Apple system.

The specs with the i7 processor and the MX250 graphics are practically identical to the small ASUS i just bought. It runs SketchUp Pro quite OK with the small models I make. Of course my desktop is faster.

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