New full course bringing out the best out of a scene

Hi guys,

I’m Nizar. I’m an architect-photographer and I’ve been using Sketchup for more than 10 years. I noticed there is a ton of resources for learning the basics of Sketchup, plus many interesting but scattered tutorials/tips/tricks about various subjects. So I thought of putting up a complete and comprehensive Sketchup video course specifically focusing on the visual aspect of any model (architecture-oriented), and sticking only with what’s possible to achieve inside of Sketchup without getting out to a third party editing or rendering software.

It would be divided into 3 main chapters:

Texturing & playing around with materials: how to wisely choose textures from the internet, scaling precisely tiling layouts and dealing with joint alignments, how to go about mapping and ideas to push it further than just for materials, etc.

Adding life to the model: how to technically choose the best components from the warehouse, learning to add credibility and realism into the scenes, other extra touches to differentiate ourselves, etc.

Achieving a captivating perspective view: basically, in this chapter I’d combine my knowledge in architectural photography (7+ years) with my experience with Sketchup. So it would include how to choose the best angles of view, the best lighting, dealing with interior scenes, as well as going through ideas for presenting a project using different styles, etc.

What would make this course unique is its specificity, as well as the integration of photographic notions. When you think about it, the best references for showing a project are in architectural photography because this discipline’s purpose is precisely to showcase architecture in the most appealing way and in its best form.
The point also is that even people who want to edit or render their projects further (Photoshop, Vray, …) can benefit from it as they would bring out the maximum potential of their scenes.

The full course would probably be around 3h30 long, so I’d be going quite in depth (and without spending too much time on generalities or basics).

How does this sound to you?
Would you be interested in such a course?

I’d love to hear from you.



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