New Computer Opening all Model Files as Layout Files

I have just switched to a new MacBook and I am trying to transfer all of my files. I reinstalled the newest version sketch up for MacOS but now it is opening all of my files as Layout files, instead of model files. they have been saved as model files and are opening that way on my old computer, but on the new computer Sketchup is opening everything in Layout. And when I save a new model to my new computer, it automatically saves it as Layout. How do I fix this?


have you tried this ?

I assume that by “model files” you mean .skp extension and that when you double-click, LayOut opens instead of SketchUp. If that is the situation, right-click one of the .skp files and choose “Get Info”. About 2/3 of the way down the dialog, where it says “Open with:” choose SketchUp in the selection list. Then click the button that says “Change All”.

Did you install SketchUp on the new MacBook by downloading and running the installer, or did you just copy across from the Applications folder? If the latter, that could be the reason the open-with got miswired.

Thank you, that worked!