Network License Cost Doubles!

We recently received an invoice for our SketchUp licenses and the cost of our annual maintenance network licenses has gone from $200 per seat to $400 per seat. This is not a 5-20% increase but a whopping 100% increase. So far we’ve heard no explanation for this. As larger firms feel more and more pressure to increase their number of Revit and Autodesk related software stations, I’m completely unprepared to defend this annual increase to the management. Help?

Maybe they’re confident that the product has been improved by roughly that percentage?

I’d like to see Trimble double their performance in communications!
Just read on ‘Sketchucation’ forum the classic/perpetual licence option will be / might be / probably be discontinued later this year … LET’S BE CLEAR this year Trimble, we need prior notice on fees & licence options for 2020 and clarity on what we’re paying for.

If you mention a post, it is best to include a link, as well. ‘I have heard or just read’ isn’t contributing, it might be a special, individual case here, where a maintenance plan of a customer is about to expire for him, only.
Official anouncements are done by Trimble and all customers receive emails about upcoming changes. A lot of classic license owners don’t use the email when bought the license, though or marked it as spam.
As an Authorised Reseller, you can have your own strategy, but most email campaigns are ‘set out’ by SketchUp’s Channel and can be localized (translated)

Buzzing is fuzzing

Is this it…?

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