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Cant seem to find any information on this, but Im trying to purchase 10 network licenses for sketchup pro 2019. I’ve been trying to contact sketchup through their sale support site. It says to fill out the form and someone will contact you. Well I’ve submitted the form multiple times now and haven’t got a response. You would think a sales request would be at the top of the list. Could someone please point me in the right direction? My company has agreed that, for our needs, we would like to go with sketchup pro 2019. This was 2 weeks ago and still no response from Sketchup.


Were are you located? USA?

Yes. Minnesota specifically

invite @jbacus (because the silent Invite feature appears to have been switched off.)

This might be of influence: at this time, there is no network license for subscription based licensing. The Plans & Pricing page does not offer a subscription network solution for licenses tied to a company, only for personal licenses.

The EULA speaks about creating a Trimble ID as entity (eg. a valid Trimble ID could be versus an individual with a personal Trimble ID. You can have more then one entitlements (eg. SketchUp Pro subscriptions) in your’s or the entitie’s Trimble ID But you would have to assign them to Personal Trimble ID’s, only, You are not allowed to use someone else’s Trimble ID.

Classic network licenses stil available, though…

Good to know, thank you! Ok so then how about classic network license pricing then? I think i read somewhere there was a minimum of 10 seats for the classic network version?

Be sure to check your spam email folder.