Netfabb Cloud Service?

So is it true netfabb cloud service will fix it 100% of the way? I have been using the new Solid Inspector but I cant seem to run it properly on some of my models, so would netfabb fix all of those solid errors automatically to print?All of the Spoiler Angles SU14 Copy.skp (626.4 KB)

If you dont know what it is:

Please post questions in a problem-focused way. It’s not very clever to mention the solution first and use marketing terms like “100%” if you don’t want it to look like advertisement.

Otherwise, why not use Netfabb yourself if you find it better?

Netfabb Company description:
netfabb provides innovative software solutions that reduce production costs and increases efficiency in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.
price: “Get a Quote” (so probably the price is scary for average readers)

Solid Inspector: SketchUp Ruby plugin
price: CookieWare (and OpenSource)

You can solve your model with 5 clicks with SUsolid plugin.See attachment.
All of the Spoiler Angles SU14 SOLID.skp (629.4 KB)

It’s $300 for the non-commercial use “Hobby” Edition.

It is necessary but not sufficient for 3 d printing that SU report model as solid. Many " printers" have additional checks they run before accepting your model. Netfabb has a free version you can down load which will fix errors you cannot do easily in SU.
The cloud service Netfabb provides a more in depth check but it is never 100 % that they can fix model. It will check for min thickness etc that is not done in in SU and I would guess your model probably has not included all the necessary design constraints necessary for printing.
TIGs solid solver can help you also but again it is not 100%.
I have seen in other posts Netfabb gets high marks.
To keep the cost low the model should be a thin wall shell .
I’ll check your spoiler model and get back shortly.
Here is link that gives more insight into the design approach
Is this a follow on of the thread you started and part of the science project???
I will say again your approach has made that whole thread fractionated and you would be much better off of keeping one coherent thread. In that thread you stated you wanted to make the spoiler a snap in, has that changed???

Solid Inspector 2.2 which is released soon corrects a good number of bugs. in 2.0.
Though, it doesn’t catch that your spoilers have some self-intersecting geometry where you need to intersect the faces before a shell for 3d printing can be resolved.

Thomthom is correct as expected. The models report solid when the entity info is queried but there are some groups that must be intersected plus when you do that intersect and you clean up make sure the internal bits and pieces are cleaned up also. If you use model info and set the rendering to hide rest of model when you do that will make your job easier. If you what to make the spoiler as a snap in then you need to include post & hole or some approach to allow that to happen. You need to allow about 6 thou clearance so enough interference but grab to allow hold. You can find that by search on the net but will depend on print material you use.
What are you doing with the “car”. The one I posted for you is going to be challenge to get print cost down and also to prep for print. Even the blender tutorial link you should note is just a shell to start and they ignore that difficult step. I do not recall a SU plugin to do that. I am thinking MeshLab will be needed to run an “ambient occlusion” filter to get that done??
the170deg spoiler intersected 170deg_ Spoiler Angles SU14.skp (74.5 KB)

As we’ve learned, neither does SU.

I’m looking into detecting this - challenge is making it fast.

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I owe you big time, Check you messages :smile:

Yea we will drill holes on the car and add cylinders on the legs to attach it.

Note SU has a problem with making small scale faces. The model as a
number of them even at the posted scale. The typical solution is to
scale model up ~100x or so , do edit and then scale back down after the
faces are formed at the larger scale. Be aware you may have to do
planned edits at large scale and scale back down to get faces to
properly form. After that scaling back down works OK.

Yea, I did notice that problem and I completely forgot about that tip so we ended up coming up with the idea to drill holes on both the legs and cars and just attach it with a stick of some sort. I am glad be be officially done, stayed up litteraly all night to do finishing touches and is posted online here for my teacher to see easily. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects (some of the angles got flipped when I rotated each spoiler down instead of up so had to be re-done ex. my original 80 degrees turned out to 100 degrees)

[quote=“jim_foltz, post:4, topic:5541, full:true”]
It’s $300 for the non-commercial use “Hobby” Edition.[/quote]

netfabb Basic f. Windows/OSX/Tux is free