Need to trim two tenons over lapping

I’m a wood worker and I have two tenons over lapping and need to trim them at 45 degrees. I’m not sure how to separate them and edit then get them back in place.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Can you share the model? It would make it easier to help you.

Did you make the rails with the tenons as components? If so, just open one for editing to draw the miter. Then edit the other component to create the opposing miter. There should be no reason to move one away from the other to do this.

Hi Dave,

I’ll try what your saying.


It’s flipping the angle opposite from one side to the other so it mirrored. Must need to make the first one unique.
Let me know what you suggest.

Thanks FlyBoy5

Probably not. You probably just need to flip the component to create a mirrored version. Upload the SKP file so we can see and give you definitive advice.

BedsideTableUpstairs.skp (39.6 KB)

Here is the file. Turn off the uncheck the view for legs and you can see it.

Thanks, FlyBoy5

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As I wrote, you just need to flip the right side apron component to make it a mirror image of the left.


You should get in the habit of flipping components when you have left and right counterparts or top and bottom counterparts. I do it as a habit when I’ve made the copy so I don’t have to worry about it later. You’ve already done it with the legs. I would have made all four legs instances of the same component and only separated them after cutting the mortises for the side aprons. Cut the mortises for the back and whatever joinery detail you’ll add between the front two after making one pair unique from the other pair.

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Thanks Dave, Will do.

It fixed the problem so thanks again.

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