Tenon interference


I’m a woodworker. Added top drawer rail with not problem. Added bottom rail but can’t get the mortise in the leg. I noticed the side tenons over lap the lower front rail tenons. Would this cause the problem I’m having?

Thanks FlyBoy5


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BedsideTableUpstairs.skp (96.7 KB)

Here is the file.



The way you drew it. It’s not the tenon on the apron, it’s the mortise you put in the leg. It’s too long for the tenon. It matches the mortise for the side apron in the rear legs and it shouldn’t.

The tenons are pretty close–probably too close–for the wood.

You need to modify the mortise and you need to repair the geometry to complete it.


Yes, there was a problem with your leg. See below. Top image is as corrected, others are the way they were.


BedsideTableUpstairs.skp (91.8 KB)


Hi Dave R,
Do I erase the mortise in the leg then re-enter?



I would suggest you make the bottom shoulder on the front tenon something like 3/4 in. so there’s more clearance between that tenon and the one on those lower drawer rail. For the upper drawer rail you should use a dovetail instead of the mortise and tenon because you have so little material above it on the leg and it’s like to blow out.


Hi Simoncberans,

How did you fix it?



I would after fixing the tenon. One way to do this so you get the mortise drawn correctly is use the tenon as a reference.


Thanks Dave R


Thanks for your help Dave R. Problem is resolved and I’m moving forward.
I bought these drawings and they are really bad.


You’re welcome.

Did you buy the SketchUp model or something else?


Sketchup Make 2017, the free version. I’m retired and I always used AutoCAD Lt.

Have a good week.


You said you “bought these drawings drawing and they are really bad.” What did you buy?


Paper full and half size drawings of a night stand.


I see. If the uploads of your model are any indication, it looks like the author of the plans should take some furniture making classes.


Right on!


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