Need to Tag geometry with a Tag node

I have live components that have several view modes (2D /3D, editing…)
Currently, to switch from one mode to another for all the components of the same definition, but made unique, they must be reparametrized one by one. The thing can be long and does not save a state in a scene.
A Tag node, which would assign a tag/layer to a geometry, would simplify this. By allowing switching from one mode to another easily and saving the state in a scene by activating or deactivating tags.
The tag/layer would be created automatically if it didn’t exist!

What do you say? Useful No?

Hi Simon,

What you’re looking for are the “attribute” nodes, i.e. add attribute and get attribute.

These nodes attach attributes/tags/metadata to specific points, primitives, etc. At the moment attributes are not read by SketchUp (yet), but is something we want to implement!


Can’t wait for attributes to be supported in SketchUp!

But here, I’m not talking about a standard attribute belonging to a dictionary, but Sketchup layers/tags!
In Sketchup the structure of a Live Component is hidden and you cannot assign a layer/tag to the sub-entities of the component. Except by detaching the definition Live!
It must therefore be possible to do this from the graph via a “Layer/Tag” node.

I hope I have explained better?

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I definitely agree with this request. I am having a hard time finding a useful application of live components without SketchUp tags baked in…


Here we have evidence that using the name “tag” for layers (as many of us said) is confusing even members of the SketchUp Team.