Need to purchase Pro 2017 to use compatible extension

Hi, I am using a Sketchup extension that is only compatible with Sketchup Pro 2017, not 2018. Is that possible to download 2017 and how do I do it? Also, do you have monthly subscriptions?

new licenses of version 2017/2016 are still avail. (no downgrades), contact Trimble or your local reseller for purchasing that.

• offic. SketchUp Download Page

what extension?

have you contacted the author as there are very few changes should affect v18 compatibility…


Also please realize that “compatible” is just a label that the developer applies after testing the extension on a new version of SketchUp. Absence of the label does not usually mean that the extension has been tested and won’t run correctly, only that the author has not yet asserted that it will. As John wrote, there were very few changes between 2017 and 2018 that would cause extensions to fail.

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