Need to do cut-outs in arc



Inner Arch and inner curve.skp (727.6 KB)

I need to cut “holes” in the front face of an arc, roughly one per each of its 172 segments. The hole will leave behind “beams” connecting the inner arc with the outer edge of the face, going all the way around 180 degrees.

Is there any way to automate this and do it so that the cutouts rotate about 1 degree all the way around the arc?
See attached .skp file. I did 3 manually, which is very tough because you have to get the box perfectly on the face to use push/pull to create the “hole” but I figure this is better than drawing in each support beam (girder).
I will also have to create holes in the underside of the arc too, leaving behind the beams as well.


Like this?

Inner Arch and inner curve_b.skp (633.8 KB)


Yes, basically, although I will have to create similar holes in the underside as well and should probably do so before copying the component 172 times.
Would I just copy the components individually or can Follow Me help fill up the arc?
How does one smooth out the surface to a uniform face after pasting - or “Follow Meing” - the components? Is it just a matter of deleting the lines between each or is there a more efficient way of doing it?


Rotation copies:

Smoothing (for expolded components in this example):
“Soften Edges” window (

You can have a look at the model and play with it…


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This is very close but I am trying now to cut additional windows in the larger face like the ones on the side but because it’s a curved surface the pushpull doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to do that too, and then quickly make it go all the way up the arc?


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I got a different answer in the other forum which ultimately proved more useful. I just finished rescaling it to fit the rest of the geometry now.


I’ll take that as a thank you.


Yes, absolutely! :slight_smile: