Need to create this dome lense


hi can someone create this lense for me or tell me how to do it ?
I also need it in transparent glass color.



Try this::



Dang Gully … you beat me to it!

Profile + FollowMe = :smile:


Quick Draw Magraw…!!


By mere seconds. And you actually dimensioned yours.


That’s Meester Queeksdraw to you, bud.


hi Gully can you show me how to do the first step ? that is to draw the profile?
i m not sure how to draw that arc .
btw all my measurements are in mm not inches


ok i could draw the profile on the circle but when i use the follow up tool it makes a flat disk .what i am doing wrong?
i am selecting the circle first and then clicking on the profile .
please see attached pictures.


i also tried this by reversing the face of the profile as i saw your profile was white in color but now if i use the followme tool everything just disappears i get a blank window. ?


can i have the skp file for this ?


try using meters, instead of mm…
once complete scale it back down…


it works fine if i use a straight line in profile instead of an arc … so i must be doing something wrong in drawing the arc


SU has a hard time making faces on very small geometry. It’s a fact of life that isn’t too popular with anybody, but there you are. Generally, faces don’t form with a dimension of about 1mm or less.

Your conical example uses a single edge along the profile hypoteneuse, which creates geometry just big enough for SU to form faces. However, the dome shape uses not a single edge but a curve consisting of multiple flat segments, resulting in more and smaller faces, which now fall below the critical size threshold.

Do as @john_drivenupthewall suggests: scale up the geometry until it’s fully formed, then scale it back down to true size. This is a workaround employed more or less universally in SU.



ok i found what the problem is but I dont know the solution , if anyone can guide me please.
if i draw any shape that is not involving a point arc its color is white and i can make it follow the circle , but if i drawn a profile using a 2 point arc its color is grey and i cant follow it around the circle.


oh ok … will try that now .


You are too quick to reach conclusions; too ready to believe your own conjecture.



oik i have the lense dome now in inches , how can i scale it down to mm ?





draw a line 1" long, then select the ‘Tape Measure’ tool and measure that line, after the second click, type 1mm and enter…
the message will ask if you wish to rescale the model, select yes…

that’s one way…



Just measure across the base at its widest points with the tape measure tool. The length will show in the Measurements Box (VCB). Hit backspace and it will clear the box and add what ever size you what it to be. Followed by mm or what ever units you want. After that hit enter and a dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to resize the model. Click either Yes or No and your good to go!! …Peace…