Drawing a dome?


What is an efficient way to draw a dome shape starting with a circle and a vertical line from the centre whose length is equal to the radius of the circle?


Draw an arc with the Pie tool centered on a circle and perpendicular to it. Use Follow Me to extrude the shape around the circle.


And choose carefully how many segments you want - both in the plan circle, and in the arc.

If the circle is ‘small’ - measured in mm rather than inches, for example - you may need to draw the dome at a larger scale (x10 - cm for mm, x12 - feet for inches, or x 1000 - m for mm) then scale down the result. If you don’t scale up, FollowMe may not be able to create small edges near the centre.


here are just a few ways :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the tutorial on “domes”. You make it look so easy.


The advice on scaling up 1000 times was very helpful. It seems “follow me” works properly when in larger scales.


If you have to draw different domes repeatedly, consider the free plugin SU Draw Parametric Shapes from the Sketchucation Plugin Store, from http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore?pln=jwm_shapes


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