How to add dome top to a cylinder

Hi all,

I have in one image a tower with a curved dome at the top of it. I have another imagine of a tower with a different diameter that does not have a dome. How do I create a new dome for the tower in the 2nd image? (the diameters are different, so I can’t just copy and paste.)

Thanks in advance everyone

I cant use a normal arch function to make one, the curves arent quite right

You can use a series of arcs to match other forms. To prevent wrong noncoplanar arcs, draw a face as a reference surface first. Or you can use a Bezier plugin as an alternative.

You can just copy and scale the original dome. Make sure you’re inside the group or component before using the tape measure tool. Also make sure it the original dome is a component, you make it unique first.



@ mihai.s How are you extruding in a circular direction once you have the arc size established? The only way I know how to do that is with the “follow me” tool, and it leaves these lines on the part and makes it grayimage

You must select the circle first, then use Follow Me tool

You have to be careful how you create the circle.

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Also, use the Dave Method. Make a component of the arc and circle for the dome. Copy the component and scale it up by 100x. One more thing: Don’t carry the arc all the way to the centerline; instead, stop the arc a fraction of an inch short and draw a straight line (in this case parallel to the red axis) to the centerline. That will make Follow Me work as it should and can also help eliminate that unwanted stray geometry.