Need to Convert the proper STL file which is printable

Hi guys please help me out of this
I am new for sketch up and I want to design the bench i had designed but it is not converting into g codes for printing can you please give me solution file for this. I am sending the file below
Bench 1.stl (589.1 KB)
Stool 1.stl (55.6 KB)

Orient the faces correctly, with the white facing outwards. Create a face for bottom.


Learn about Solid object in SketchUp.

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Thankyou mihai even though i tried with making solid it is not getting g code is ther any reason for that

also what about stool is there any way for it I am unable to slice it.

Bench 1 (repaired).stl (595.7 KB)
Stool 1 (repaired).stl (61.8 KB)


here the repaired now solid stl.files.