Need more productive search criteria for the 3D Warehouse

I need–as I am sure you do as well–more productive search and sorting criteria in the 3D model warehouse. I do NOT care how popular a model is. I want to search by the number of polygons and how Vray ready it is. Does it slow down or crash the model? What criteria would you like to see?

Again, if Sketchup wants to charge more, they must deliver more value and I am NOT seeing it so far. Rhino to Archicad here I come??? Maybe.

You can all ready set a poly count filter if you do a search, I would like to see these criteria searchable:

thanks! Now I see it off to the side. Hmmm. Why is not one of the sortable criteria…

There is just a filter, for now. Theoretically, if you set a filter and then sort by relevance, it should produce a list with a polygon count sort order. That, I am not sure of.

(Note: Have you seen the changes in the 3D Warehouse the last two years? They really add more value:)

If you want, you can add a Feature request Tag in the topic.

Just wanted to say that I would support better search criteria too. “Date added” would be one option. Tags definitely.

Frankly I would also like a “downvote” button where carp models could just get hidden. There could even be a function that hides models that have been heavily downvoted - they could be turned on by choice. There is too much rubbish in there at the moment.

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On the left of the page is Advanced options, and you can set a date range for created and modified.

The collection seems haphazard and there are many models that are wrong scale or completely triangulated. Given that SketchUp is asking forvmore money, SketchUp needs—not to dismiss suggestions or faults—but to provide solutions that show me and others SketchUp is adding value and creating better tools:

  1. warning label on how many polygons it takes to slow down a file in SketchUp and in the three different rendering modes in Layout

  2. a list of discrete graphics cards supported on PC and Mac. Thus list should also describe the benefits in every rendering mode in each application

  3. curate the models in the 3D warehouse. If a sofa is 20 feet tall, remove it. If the model is a triangulated mess, remove it

  4. connect warehouse objects to stories in your blog and discuss their application and benefits.

There are a few suggested productive discussions we need to have

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Yes, exactly! You could even assign trusted moderators to do this - maybe pick 10 people in each country and have some system whereby consensus is agreed over models to be removed. It’s something that could happen over time.

You have to bear in mind that the people who uploaded those TERRIBLE models are highly unlikely to be the ones that are supporting (paying) you now.

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