Need help with logging in

2 years ago I paid $695 for the pro license.

I downloaded a new version of sketchup today and it’s not accepting my license/authorization code, and it’s telling me I’m only on a trial version. How do I fix this?

I’m a program oversight chair for a national university that (WAS) intending on teaching sketchup as part of our curriculum in the solar design engineering courses. I need to have a fast resolution on this, or a phone number I can contact for support ASAP.

The license you have would be for the version that was current when you purchased the license. If you have kept up your Maintenance and Support you should be able to get the license for the current version through the SketchUp site.

So it sounds like I wasn’t supposed to download the new version, even after getting notifications for this. Am I correct?

How do I revert to an older version of sketchup?

The only notification you’d have gotten is that there is a new version of SketchUp available.

You can go to and download the older version as long as it is listed there.

If you kept your maintenance and support up to date you would be entitled to upgrade to the next version when it comes out so you would have been able to upgrade to SU2019 when it was released early last year and then SU2020 when it was released a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your help with this. I’ve uninstalled 2020 and I’ve reset it back to 2018 and it seems to be working.

For my students that will be downloading the 2020 version, are they going to be able to open the files I create in the 2018 version? Will I be able to open their 2020 files in my 2018 version?

They’ll be able to open the SU2018 files but you’ll either need them to use Save as and save back to 2018 or you’ll use Eneroth’s extension to open newer versions. Use the Extension Warehouse interface in the Window menu in SketchUp.

Keep in mind, there are some significant differences. between versions. the term Layer has been replaced by Tag, and with 2019, it’s possible to display objects with dashes. There are other features, too, especially if you work with LayOut as well.

Thank you for your help!

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Depending when you bought the 2018, you actually may have received the license info of 2019.
The classic license always is included with an one-year-maintenance (the release of 2019 came after 14 months, however)
If your Students have a subscription, they should be able to download 2019 and activate it, too

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