Need Help With Components


Hello everyone,

I’m importing a dwg file (master plan) to sketchup with about 200 “exactly same” apartment building drawings. I’d like to know if there is a way to make these same apartment drawings into one single component so that i can replace the modelled apartment with the apartment drawing with one step.

Any help would be appreciated


Click … Window > Entity Info
Now use the Select tool to select one of the “200 “exactly same” apartment building drawings”

What does Entity Info report?

If the “200 “exactly same” apartment building drawings” are indeed instances of one component definition then Entity Info for the selection should look something like this:

If you’re not sure, post a screenshot of Entity Info.


If the drawings are block instances in AutoCad, they will be converted into component instances in SketchUp when you import the file. If the apartment plans have just been copied around as lines etc, nothing can automatically detect their similarity.