Need help with a Sketchup file

I have a Sketchup model of a Dodge Charger. I need a modification done to the file to change the back windws to a different style.

I am not very experienced wtih Sketchup and need yalls help.

Have no idea how to add the Files to this post.

Thank you in Advance

Start with a screenshot describing what you want done to the window. If the model is too big to attached to this forum, try uploading to google drive or dropbox and post the link here.

This is the Original Model.

The white part behind the drivers window is different than what Im needing.

I think I have attached the screenshot as well.

Again I am not versed in Sketchup, but any information would be helpful.

Thank you.

Desired style in seperate Post.

Here is the desired style. the tan part behind the drivers window

Here is the original Sketchup file…

1972 charger se.skp (6.2 MB)

It’s a bit of a process. I’d recommend making sure you’re well versed in SketchUp basics before attempting something like this. Check our learning videos here:

It’s one of many ways to look at attempting it:

  1. bring your image into SU and scale it. Move and rotate either image or car so they are aligned.

  2. Trace the new design you want and extrude it.

  3. Then turn on hidden geometry in order to ‘patch’ the existing window that you’ll be updating with the new design. Use Sandbox Tools ‘From Contours’ here to create new surface.

  4. With new blank surface, you can hide and paint any extra lines or areas to get it to look a bit cleaner.

  5. Move your extruded new design group into the new clean Sandboxed surface and ‘Intersect with selection’.

  6. You now have the outline of the new design embedded into the new surface. You can use extensions like 'Joint Push Pull’ to extrude the window cutouts inward. This is tricky as you can see there is also a slope along two sides so it’s not just a straight push. An offset and then sandbox from contours is likely required show that transition from glass up to outer surface.

  7. While not perfect given this was done quickly, you can see that from a distance it looks ok.


Thats what Im looking for. Would you mind sending the SU File? :slight_smile:

I only did one side. 1972 charger se.skp (7.6 MB)

Thats perfect I only need the one side.

Here is the preview with Original File.

Preview with your version.

Thank you so much!!!

Score. Personally I would have done that in Photoshop but hey if you need it in 3D there you go!

The 3d model gets carved into a block of wood and creates the raised and lower parts of the clock.

I certainly do thank you for your help.