My front windscreen for my car isn’t making a face and is instead connected to the original shape.

Do you have examples you can post up… pictures, or .skp files.

for both the current state of your existing model, and maybe a matching reference image (if you happen to be following one).

ill attach it now

My dragster.skp (704.2 KB)
If I try to colour it in, for example, it doesn’t do it separately, instead, it colours it all as one piece.

Sorry but I can’t read it… can you export as 2018 version?

or post up screen captures as an alternative.

Screenshots.pdf (109.1 KB)

Hopefully, the help or at least tell you what im trying to do

I’ve had this before
Usually retracing the lines will do
Also make sure all the lines are in contact with the face

can you do a demonstration.
I’ve redone all the line and done different size bulges and what not, yet it still not making it a face.


When you are redrawing your lines… try turning on the Hidden Line setting within the View menu. That will help to ensure that you’re line endings are landing on the edges that have been hidden as a result of the smoothing process which gets applied to most of the curved surface.

I’ve turned it on and still one piece. Is there another way?

… Have you zoomed in close and really looked at all of the intersections between the vertical lines and the horizontal hidden lines. Orbit around and look from the side angle because that will give you a better view for noticing lines which are very close together, but still not touching.


I saw this a while ago and have been trying to do it but every time i try i get to the part of removing layer 1 and it says something along the ling of " you can not hide the the layer of the active group o component is on." And if by chance it doesn’t show that and actually removes layer 1 it remove the entire car, even though it it has a copy right one top.
Also, what version of sketch up are you using, cause mine doesn’t look like you and i have to go through step to do what your doing

The first animated gif I made in SketchUp Make 2017. It could also be done in SketchUp 8 or SketchUp for Web, as well, as they all have the same basic tools.

But I’ll show you again using SketchUp Pro 2019. Same basic tools.

I just eliminated the use of groups or layers, until you learn about them as well.

  • get rid of those guide lines;
  • select that curved edge (arc) from the left side, as you watch;
  • activate the Move tool and hold down the Ctrl key to copy it. Move it in the desired direction and type the distance, in your case 5 mm. Repeat this step again, only to change the distance to 90 mm;
  • right-click on the two curves, one by one, and choose Explode;
  • select the two horizontal edges, one by one, and copy them as the first, at the desired distance (5mm);
  • delete the small portions of the edges that were left out and … that’s it!

Thanks, it worked, kind of. I finally got it to be a different layer but now the arc isn’t one piece. it multiple little lines. I’ve gone over the arc yet it still not one line.

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