Need HELP! Vray 3.6 SU

Hi guys so i’ve just updated both my hardware & software. I’m running Vray 3.6 for SU 2017.

My problem is that it seems like Vray is not utilising my GPU. Seeing the usage when i render something, CPU is at 99% load while GPU 1 is at 1% GPU 2 is at 3% tops. I’ve deselected C++/CPU in GPU Select tool and still it wont use just the gpu.

I ran both in SLI and not in SLI, same results. Also, in asset editor’s settings. I thought you’re supposed to have hybrid render options (c++/cpu & your gpu) next to the GPU button. Mine says “ No option found “.

I have a huge project to render due some time next week hence the hardware upgrade. Appreciate if someone could help.

Same here. GPU goes up to 4% only. Nothing helps.

Same problem for me.
Option apears when I open new file and is gone after a while.

This happened to me, as well, a few times - the hybrid render option doesn’t always show and also, if I do manage to select both CPU and GPU, Sketchup crashes when Vray starts rendering its first Prepass. I have used nothing fancy in terms of settings - I have changed nothing of its original settings, quality is set to medium and I have merely tweaked the standard camera for ISO and shutter speed and set up my Render Output (2500x1509) and also, i have managed to render with no problem with just GPU selected. What could be the trouble? My hardware is a Dell T1700 Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro K620 and Intel Xeon CPU @3.50GHz, 8 Gb RAM, Windows 10 x64. Many thanks to whomever may shed some light on this issue.

Hi. Roll back your nvidia drivers to 376*. It doesnt work with current drivers

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