Need help to sum prices of selected dc cabinets

I managed to create dc cabinets that change the way a want. even every cabinet shows me the price of it. for this I used summary attribute. that works just great but now I got stuck.
now I need to find out how to get sum of prices of every cabinet used to create the kitchen or any project. l mean if the kitchen is made of cab 1 , cab 2 , cab 3 at the end I need to have the sum of all of the prices or the sum of selected cabinets. if anyone of you know to do that or know any trick it would be great help for me. its is all about to speed up the work flow of pricing the projects. thanks

nobody any ideas? maybe I didn’t explain it as good as I should.

set up a report (file\generate report) that collects the data you require, then save it to the model, when happy make this model your template. if the report is not enough, export as csv, open in spreadsheet, alter and sum there. Or copy and drop the cells into a formatted spreadsheet which has formulas waiting.

thanks pcmoor . I suppose it’s the easiest way. you’re always helpful. the only thing that I cannot figure out is that there is DEFINITION NAME column always shown in the report even when i didn’t select it from options of attributes while setting up report. is it always going to be there or I can get rid of it somehow ?

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