Need help to make window sill with follow me tool

I have a problem with the follow me tool.

I made a simple room without roof and made a rectangle square on it that I used push tool on to make a window in the wall.

I made a little thing below the window that I want to make some kind of window sill with.
But when making the line on windows edge blue and using follow me tool I cannot use it on that item.

I attached my simple project to this post. On the bottom right side of window you can see the thing I want to use follow me tool on so it becomes a window sill.

followme problem1.skp (165.2 KB)

I make line below window blue and choose follow me tool but cannot click on the windowsill thing, it selects the wall instead and strange things happens.
I tried a lot but can not get it to work.

Since the house is a group and the molding profile is a group, you can’t work with both at the same time. Open the molding profile for editing and, if you want the molding to go all the way around the window, trace the opening with the Rectangle tool. Then use that rectangle as the path for Follow Me.

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Wow, epic reply with an animation and everything!
Problem is solved! :smiley:

Thanks a lot DaveR!

BTW, one little trick I started doing when performing the operation @DaveR is showing: If the profile shape is touching the path as he shows, in place of carefully pre-picking just the path lines,

  • zoom in on the profile shape,
  • triple click to select everything that’s touching (both path and profile),
  • and then hold down shift and double click the profile to deselect it,
  • which leaves only the path selected.

The rest is the same.

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