Need help to download the project

Hi can anyone help me how to open and download the project from the below link

Is there an available .skp download? If so, download it and then open in SU viewer.
If there’s not an SKP, and you really need to open it, ask the author for the file and then open it.
Side note: if it’s a CAD file (.dwg or .dxf) you won’t be able to open that in SU Free.

Thank you for your reply… can I download in mobile and view ?

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That’s a cool render :sunglasses:

No, after inspection there’s no available .skp for download.

As I said here, contact the author and see what they say.

hello, this is an enscape 360 render. This may have been modeled in sketchup but it has nothing to see with sketchup viewer anymore !

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Thank you all for quick response… the author is not responding… but I need to see the complete project …
Please help

Maybe ask on the Enscape forums. @venugopalv2506