Need help please, materials not showing up


I use a 64bit windows 8.1 on a lenovo laptop, 8gb ram, Amd processor, 6400mb memory graphic processor,
and just installed sketchup 2014. But i cant seem to have any default materials in the material palette. it shows the material palette but with nothing in it… just empty… previous versions all worked fine. kindly tell me how do i get the materials?
I can see the materials in the material folder of the installation directory. Please help


will you be able to provide a screenshot or share your file?

Kinda hard to understand when everyone uses different terminology.

By the sound of it, it sounds like software problem more so than hardware.

if you are missing default material library, try reinstalling SketchUp?


Someone else had this issue recently. I think it was resolved by reinstalling SketchUp as administrator.