Help with Materials in Sketchup Edu, Cannot see applied materials

Dear Sketchup team,

I cannot see the uploaded / applied materials in the sketchup. Other kids have no problem with this. On thy this child has the problem with her project files. even with different PC’s she faces same issue when her friends have no problem with their projects

can only see the graphics when really zoom in, while her friends who has sane size sketchup projects can see materials with no problem.

Same PC works fine for other students as well.

seems like this is a isolated issue to this student.


your help will be highly appreciated

Thank you very much

Could it be, this child is drawing in a massif scale. Kilometers instead of millimeters (miles instead of inches)? the reason is that if you zoom in really close that you start to see it.

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Hi Makki

Thank you for your advise. I will check this out and get back to you.

Thanks again

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