Need help on drawings from someone who knows SU


Hello @ptdye411, Can you provide more details about what you would like help with?



Well - I would like to do a proposal for a project at work that involves installing solar PV panels and a large battery system that we could run our building on during the regular summer storms here in Central Florida.

I have some ideas of what I would like it to look like - I’m thinking first that I would take some aerial photos of our place that I found on our local economic development website and then overlay that on to maybe a Google Earth image and then “build” the solar system on top of that composite image. I also have an alternate idea of where we could mount the solar system and wanted to show that as another image of the system “built” there.

I’ve used the Google Earth tour feature before and I think that people respond to it and would like to incorporate that into my presentation as well.

Does that help explain what I’m trying to do? I would like to be able to get very detailed on the solar PV portion of the presentation utilizing SU as much as possible.


You mention IRL in your introduction, you might want to narrow down your location a little bit, Florida is a pretty big place.
I don’t mean your actual address, but a general region may spark someone who lives nearby to help you out.