SU Freelancer(s) Needed for help with Commercial Solar Carport Renderings

Hi - I’m looking for someone interested in doing occasional freelance SU design work. Need an environment created and solar carports added to it. I can provide examples of the level of detail and what we really need.

Projects are commercial properties with solar carports.

These will be used in proposals for clients. If the “pitch” is successful, may need further detail work added to the file (and will pay for that as well).

Hello, I am available for this type of work. Please e-mail with your additional information.

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Hello Turnkey! Sounds very interesting! Please feel free to email me at
Best regards


I am interested but not sure how to reach out because they seem to mark it as spam

Stephen Mentzer

@Compcad, it is spam when all you ever do is reopen long gone posts with the same, Gimmeajob diatribe, if you did what was suggested and start gallery, participate by answering/asking SU usage questions, then people may stop blocking you…

If you really need to pursue an old topic, then PM the poster and hope for a reply…

it’s uncommon for regular users to place an add, but possibly the OP will come back…


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