Need help modeling a respirator type mask

ok, new microbiology project has been assigned to me. I am doing a internship this semester for a microbiology lab. I have been doing some cool stuff and hopefully get the data published. anyway, as i was working on the project i had an idea for personal project and need some major help. This involves using skethcup in ways i have not used yet.

Here is a photo of the mask i was using for a dust mask on some wood working stuff, or when i have to empty the vacuum etc etc. I want to learn how to model this exact mask and shape. How do i even begin this process? (there is one part missing that i did not attach because i know how to model that section haha)

thanks for the help guys and gals

i have attached the stl files so you can import them into SU or a slicer to view them.

painters mask.stl (740.4 KB)
covid_mask_cap.stl (122.3 KB)

This type of thing is just what you need Curviloft for, a good model for you to learn on, since you mentioned it elsewhere.
This is a rough demo, I’ve just made a framework of curves to give you the idea of one way to do it.

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Thanks for this. The skinning feature looks like the way to go. I also liked the use of joint push pull from fredo tools.

Im trying out the 3 different modes on curviloft. I just diacovered the feature where you have a prview box and move the nodea around. I also diacovered how to turn on endpoints so i can manipulate vortecies better.

Im starting to really like these more advanced extensions.

You could also use vertex tools and subd or artisan. I think I did a gif of a subd one some time back. There are all sorts of ways of creating the shape.

Found it.

Thats awesome. I like subd for its ability to smooth like that. So dis you just draw that shape up of the mask with the line tool and subd it a couple of times?