Need help lowering triangle

Im trying to build a trophy using SketchUp and a 3D printer as a complete beginner. So far I had no real problems using it, but now one of the triangles I use to “engrave” into the surface using the push/pull feature doesnt’t want to lower itself without taking the whole surface with it.
Lot of love to whoever can fix thisSU Award help.skp (1.2 MB)

Is this what you’re after?

How did you go about drawing it? Are you expecting the triangles to be outlined in the 3D print? If so, you’ll need to do something to them. Edges on a surface won’t print.

You could do something like this with the triangles set to different depths…

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I just drew the lines, as said I’m a complete beginner. To have the triangles outlined would be a nice addition!

could you please explain me how you fixed it and send me the file? :smiley:

I selected the entire model, ran Intersect Faces>With Selection and then I deleted the edges of that triangle. There was already a face behind it. I used an extension called Solid Inspector (Extension Warehouse) to check to make sure it was solid after I made it a component.
SU Award help.skp (40.8 KB)

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