Need HELP in creating an Organic Glass Enclosure.. Student here

Hello there chiefs,
I’m a student of Interior Design working on an assignment. I need to create a glass enclosure by following pictures as a guide. I have tried everything but I’m unable to achieve the result. Have used extensions by fredo such as, curviloft and what not. I think I’m missing something. Can any help me in creating it please.
Pictures are attached for reference.
This Glass enclosure is in a Mall in Mauritius named La Croisette - Grand Bay.

(As I’m a new user in this forum, I’m barred from uploading more than 1 picture.)

Thanks in advance!

Extrude Tools by TIG & Flowify

hello mihai.s
I have already watched these tutorials and tried following along but I cant seem to make it work. That is why I posted here

Use Curviloft plugin:


Wow… That was fast.
Is it possible for you to send me that skeleton so I could use curviloft on it.
That will make my life easier.
Its just a request.

The model I showed you was not on the scale, I just want you to see how you can do it. And I did not save it.
But it is more useful for you to try yourself to learn. Use only arcs for his construction.

Alright. I’m trying it now. Thanks a bunch mate. Appreciated your efforts.

I redrawn it to explain you how to do it:

And this is the file, but you must try to create by your own, to learn.
tu8.skp (279.7 KB)


Thanks a bunch. I followed along and this is the result… I’m happy :grinning:

Experimenting more now with line to tubes extension to create those bars.
Any idea how I can create those glass spider fittings. I’ll try finding them in the warehouse. lets see.


For the structure, there’s a bunch of ways to do it. One way is is to use an extension like Pipe Along Path or Lines to Tubes to just automatically give the structural arcs you created a thickness. You may have to selectively unhide and then use the Weld extension to join edges.

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I’d also recommend splitting the structure in half and making it a component and mirroring it in order to just have to work on one side.

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Also, you may want to consider giving the glass a thickness. You can do this with Fredo’s Joint Push Pull:


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Thanks guys. I managed to do it. Thanks to mihai.s. He is the man. clear and on point.
Eric Thank you my man. appreciated. :grinning: