Need Help Drawing

What should the model look like?

A - 59.5 mm
B - 149.5 mm

And tell me what is the best way for a beginner to learn modeling?

D - 282 mm
d -15.5 mm

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Honestly, the task must be done urgently, I’m a programmer myself, I’m terrible at drawing.

Not enough dimensions provided to make an accurate model.

A - width
B - length

I saw those dimensions. Those aren’t enough, though.

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what to do then?

the task is purely for practical work

Get more dimensions. What’s the length of the thing? What’s the large diameter of the head? The diameter of the face? Thickness in front of the eye? Size of the eye? Thickness of the edge at the back? Overall height of the head?


So then the dimensions don’t actually matter at all?

So in other words you aren’t interested in learning how to draw the hammer head. You’d like to hire someone to do the work for you?

I think that such detailed dimensions can be neglected

yes, that’s right

only length and width matter

I would like to delve a little, but there is little time now, so I ask for help.

besides, I’m in trouble with drawing

School work? You are supposed to do it yourself…

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work for the university

I do not run away from work

University is school…
And in your drawing A=width and B=also width…

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it looks like that