Need help creating holes in this image


The image is an oriental mirror, black being the body of the mirror and white being voids.
I cannot for the life of me fathom out how to delete the white space to create holes. Ive been trying all sorts, creating different file types to import etc and none work.
If anybody has done something similar and can advise me I would be forever grateful.

Explode the Image

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In an image editor select just the black and save it as a .png with transparent background.
But that will have pixelated edges and won’t correctly display shadows without further work.
As @mihai.s is pointing out, explode the image so that it is a face, draw appropriate rectangles etc where the white is and delete it.

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Fantastic. Thanks so much. Easy or what haha

Just to add to this, you could just make the 3 holes and copy around the center point so it will be more symetrical/accurate?


That’s a wonderful idea. Thanks very much for your response in addition to the above. Really appreciated