Need help animating bifold doors

So I just bought my pro version and I’ve been learning a lot. However I’m designing some bifold doors right now and I’m having problems animating the doors to move with the onclick option. How do I make a set of bifold doors work and pivot with each other? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The issue is properly setting up your components. On the outside, set the Onclick to change a value (in my example I used DoorState):

The door, then, is a component with two pieces in it, Door1 and Door2. Door1 contains the geometry of the first door and the component Door2. OnClick sets the RotZ of Door1 to -90 and Door2 to 180:

Since this is a little confusing to try to explain, I included a (very) quick example I just made

Bifold Example.skp (173.2 KB)