How to animate a connecting door

Hey guys!

I’m trying to make an animation of a combined cabinet door using OnClick animate, but I would like the animation to be coordinated to reach the level of this video in question, any ideas on how to do this?

this is my model

connecting door.skp (8.4 MB)

rather than trying to work out position / rotation place a door into another like a complete arm contains upper, lower, hand, with fingers containing phalanges

as the main moves, both doors do, then if you reverse rotation and times it by a factor you can achievethe bifold effect with the bottom rotating further than top

connecting door.skp (179.0 KB)

simple and less frustrating formulas,

a few more changes

connecting door.skp (180.1 KB)


Thank you so much, @pcmoor! With your changes I can use it as a reference to create a more responsive model using animate custom