I wonder if there is a way to animate an overhead garage door?


I would like to be able to do it for presentation purposes.


Yes, you can use the Onclick-Animate formula.


Something like this?


I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t clear. I was referring to a segmented overhead door so that each connected section would roll up the track, around the curve at the top and along the top to the resting open position.


Yes there is a discussion around here about creating DCs for bi-folding closet doors. They use the same concepts. Sub-components whose behavior depends upon what another sub-component or the parent component does.


its a matter of dividing the motion in to separate actions controlled by condition statements.
The total path needs to be divided by a step amount. So for a metric door with a standard 2000 opening, say using 400mm panels, first consider panels pivot at their center, 200mm, gives 1800mm, so say steps of 100mm would give 18 vertical, then say 2 radial. Assume that there is a half circle for the change in direction with an approx radius of 600mm, that would equate to pi*radius/2 =942mm. lets make the path 1000mm, 5 steps, so use a radius of 636.6mm. (the circular motion will be expressed as polar coordinates.) so angle change will be 90/5 = 18 degs
Now dividing the motion of would be 10 steps vertical, 5 steps radially and 5 steps horizontally for a middle section located at 1000mm from the floor Other panels would vary according to their position from the purely vertical of the bottom
decide where and use the same onclick point to drive other panels, each with conditions to monitor their behaviour

hope this gives you a good start. You can post your model and we can custom design the animation if you want to use DC. Otherwise a series of scenes will achieve the effect.

panel movement.skp (22.1 KB)