Need guidance drawing a simple shower/tub enclosure

Need guidance drawing a simple shower/tub enclosure… Please!!!

Please share SOME information on what you are hoping to model or what you are struggling with. Right now no one can help you because we don’t know what you need!

Am designing a Shower curtain for a bathtub with the following measurements:
Enclosure is:
-8ft high
-4ft 11&1/2 inches wide
-2ft 9&1/2 inches deep
-1 ft 2&1/2 inches high
I’d like to draw a simple Bathtub/shower with the above measurements in a way I can see out all . I guess 3D??

Have you done any training or tutorials, at this point? If not the first step would be to take the Findamrntsls course over at

Am on it… Thanks


Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Shower with bathtub.skp (540.1 KB)

I leave it up to you to add a drain, the faucets and shower head, sliding doors or a curtain.

Maybe you can also taper the bottom and give it a slope toward the drain.

Thanks Jean,

That’s great!

Jean, thanks… That’s great!