Need Extra Good Walkthru plugin, etc

Need a walkthru capability for Sketchup 2020 that actually works - crash or interference detection, etc. For windows 10 - Anyone know of something worthwhile ???

the tour Tool in LightUp


I wondering the same on Saturday after not having the best experience trying a walk through with a client, except I’m on a Mac. I can’t find specific system requirements on the website for LightUp (the first question about contemplating any new software), but the video demo and manual screen shots all look like MacOS, so I would assume it does work on the Mac.

@AdamB used to write it on a mac, but not sure if he still does…


You don’t get collision detection but Encape provides a sweet experience. Sorry MAC users.

And its rival Twinmotion isn’t bad either (and it is, I understand, still free)

Yes, LightUp v5.10 runs on all versions from SketchUp 2014 upward (including SU2020) and runs on a very wide range of GPU performances.

You can also export a file containing your lit SketchUp model to run in the free LightUp Player (so clients don’t need LightUp to explore the lit model).

I’d suggest getting the free demo of LightUp and try it out - along with other softwares and see what works best for you.