Need Download Link: Curic Section v2.1.0

Can someone direct me to a link to download Curic Section v2.1.0?

I purchased Curic Studio a few years back which included the latest version of Curic Section, but not included is a link to download Curic Section v2.1.0 which is compatible with SU2017.
There is a link to v2.3.1 but that won’t work.

If a link cannot be found, someone who purchased the standalone Curic Section extension should be able to access the full downloadable version list in their Gumroad products page via the “You got Curic Section!” email they received on purchase, and it would be super sweet if such a person would send me a copy of the RBZ should a link not be available.

I’m not even sure if my Curic Studio license will work with it, but I’d at least like to give it a good college try.

@curic4su is around here tonight ? (no idea what your timezone is Curic oh ok, Vietnam, morning for you then.)

He probably has a link somewhere :slight_smile:

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I also reached out to him directly regarding Curic Studio-SU2017 compatibility and some other issues regarding Curic Align which does not want to load up and Curic Deep Properties which loads but doesn’t function at all.

These do not load in SU2017.

  • Curic Align
    • Curic Section
    • Curic Make 2D (needs SU2019.2+)

The two which are extra indented are part of the $99 Curic Studio package.

@curic4su I think it may be a good idea to make a specific SU2017 Curic Studio package for the version list at Gumroad to avoid load issues for users.

Not trying to be rude by the way, thank you for your hard work.

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