Does anyone know how to reach out Curic Support?

I have bought Curic Studio but can’t find out how to contact the team for support

These plugins seem powerful, but all the info online, tutorials, instructions and support are very vague or absent. I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed and I’m hoping someone can point me into the right direction.

Thanks in advance, JQL

I don’t think there is a “team”…

These tutorials I found very useful - some you need to watch a few times to fully understand what the extension can do, e.g. DIO2.

I’ve been using DIO2, OI, Extend and Stretch for some time now - get in touch if you need any help.

My question is about software support and licensing, but thanks for your help.

I’m using curic section mostly but will get up to speed with the others in time. The fact that it requires mostly solids for DIO2, OI, Extend and Stretch, makes it not that compatible with huge portions of my workflow. However, for IFC compatible workflows and for Section pluigins, solids have benefits so I’m in the transition between solid and non solid modeling.

@curic4su might be able to help you with support and licence questions. I pinged him for you…
As for the solid vs non-solid modeling, solids are cleaner (there is nothing in them that is not needed) and easier to work with (for instance the native solid tools, and a lot of extensions need solids) so trying to model solids is a huge benefit in your workflow.


thanks for your help and advice!


You’re welcome!