Curic OI Unable to Use

I am a new so I am probably just not doing something correctly but I really do need help.
I purchased the Curic OI extention and received a license.
When I followed the link in my confirmation email it took me to a page where I could created an account but it said I could create the account to have permanent access and recieve emails ect.
I did not want any additional contact so I did not create the account. I am now thinking that this is where I would have entered my license.
I installed the extention and it shows up on my toolbar but when I try to use it is says I have no lic and directs me to extentions…
I can find no place to enter the lic now.
I sure could use some help
Thank You

hello, did you try to do as told ?
go to extensions menu, then curic… enter the licence you received there

Yes Paul I did.
When I open the extension manager to the home Curic OI shows up and is enabled.
I then go to the manage tab and it gives me the version number, author ect and has a green box saying it is signed.
No where can I find a place to enter the lic number

I am not talking about the extension manager !
In the top bar, there are menus, one of them is extensions, to the right of “window” menu. Go there and unfold everything under curic OI till you get to licence.
If you don’t see this extension menu, restart SketchUp and it’ll show up

Ok Paul your the Man!

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer what must have seemed like such a silly question.
I really do appreciate your help.
I hope you have a good evening.

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