Need developer to create an app using sketchup

We are a small business that has outgrown our present systems. Need developer that can create a turnkey app.

We have quite a few extension developers in our forum, so you are posting in the right place! I will say that you are more likely to get a response if you post some information on what it is you want to develop, though!

Thanks for the advice.

Just needed to establish first wether I’m knocking on the right door.

Will provide more info tomorrow.

Thanks again


Fencing Unlimited

We are a gate and decorative fencing manufacturing and install company. We can’t afford a draft person. We looking for an idiot proof app the a layman could use to draft gates and fences, About 65% of our work are standard products that varies in height and width. We hoping to get something developed that would have 90% of our standard work in dinamic templates that the sales person could drag and drop to create a drawing that resembles the product we selling. Would like to have a cut list as well to aid manufacturing and quoting.

If this is something you can help with, we would like to hear from you.

Have you explored Profile Builder 3 from Mindsight Studios?

Found here!


Hi @fencing ,

Have you tried Dynamic Components yet? These are components that have options (like length and width) and then, upon a change of values, redraw themselves. This however requires that your sales person is having SketchUp installed.

Another possibility might be to (let) develop a web product configurator, so that your products can be configured directly in a browser. Then, the configurations made can be used for all sorts of things, like generating cutlists directly in the browser, or generating native .skp files, from which you can then do all sorts of things using SketchUp. A simple example of such a web product configurator can be found on our website: service product configurators | KG-dev

Profile Builder was the advice I was going to give. After having a single “wise” guy building those gates and fences assemblies, you could have lots of “idiots” placing them in any model.

For the right fee, many users here would be able to create an assembly and idiot proof instructions for applying it. I wouldn’t mind the challenge myself actually…

This would also be a job for Live Components, if/when Trimble releases a way of creating them…

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Make me a proposal and name your price, let us talk then.



Life has proved time after time that “idiot proof” doesn’t exist. There is nothing that a group of determined idiots cannot break.


I’m just saying it’s doable. I don’t have an actual brief, objective, timeframe or example of what exactly it is that you need that I would be able to base a proposal for.

Dear @fencing

You are requesting a custom-developed Sketchup extension for your Australian business, Fencing unlimited. This is a task for a professional Sketchup developer.

I have sent you several messages in several channels, including through your official website. No-one from your business has responded.

Whoever you pick to help you, any Sketchup developer will need a fair project brief from you. Your project brief should clearly describe the minimum functionality that you need. Please feel free to use text, images, video, and Sketchup files to pinpoint the typical input, output, and workflow that you are envisaging. Please be as accurate and complete as you can.

On the basis of such a project brief, an experienced developer will be able to give you a reasonable estimate or a binding quote for the full development cost.

• Would you please respond to those who have contacted you regarding your current request?

Dear Matheron,
Thank you for your comments. I will look into the reason why we did not receive your messages other than on the forum. Maybe our system filter reads your messages as spam. I will prepare a brief and forward it to you.
I’m not that good with computer talk but will do my best to convey my idea.
Please note that we are approximately 6 hours ahead of you in time.

Make it a bit more difficult to communicate.

Kind Regards

I’m using PB3, Zorro & Quantifier Pro for our strata fencing replacement.

We have 5 styles of cedar fences, from 4’ to 8’ heights, adding up to just over 6 kilometres. ( Yes, we’re definitely looking at alternatives to cedar. )

This is not out for the first tender yet; however, the fencing contractors who have seen the preliminary results are asking me for the same “kit” that you are seeking. I have a solution but it requires more sketchup ability than just drag & drop.

Hopefully you and your developer will find a way to “idiot proof” this process.

Dear @fencing

Thank you, good. The best is to email me directly.

Please find my email address in the private message I sent you on this forum last Sunday and also in the emails I have sent to your company’s official email address.