Nature Scene


To make this nature scene, I used a PBR texture for the cliff face and the ground. In Blender, I used the displacement map on a couple planes, then imported the cliff and ground into SketchUp for the rest of the modeling. The majority of my modeling time was spent in SketchUp, but didn’t know how to do the displacement map in SketchUp. I know it’s possible with V-ray, but I don’t have V-Ray… Anyways, I made a cave with Artisan Organic Toolset, a campfire, and some water. I used the 3D warehouse to import some stuff and finally rendered with Twilight Render V2. I wasn’t keeping track of time, but it probably took me around a couple hours to make this. I’ll post links to the components I downloaded to give credits.


@eric-s mentioned using CLF Normal Map extension - have you heard of it?


It says that extension turns a model into a normal map, but I don’t know if it can turn a normal map into an object. I’m fine with using Blender for that… Displacement maps are like one of the only things I know how to do in that program. I regularly have trouble with the basics, like navigating scenes in Blender because it’s so complicated. SketchUp’s ease of use and capability makes it my go-to 3D modeler. I just use Blender like an extension really… It’s pretty fast at displacement maps. But I just suck at Blender, so it takes a while for me.