Naming a Group when it's made into a Component


It would be nice if choosing the ‘Make Component’ option when context clicking a Group brought up the usual naming dialog. Come to that, my preference would be for a naming dialog whenever I make a Group.


You can keep the Entity Info box open and make the change. I think there used to be a plugin that would give you a pop up box but I don’t remember who made it.

I never have that problem because I always make components from the git go. The only time I have to convert groups to components is when I’m fixing up a file someone else sent me.


Thomthoms maybe…


thomthom has two scripts both of which are useful here. ‘Groups to Components’ can be used as an alternative to the native context click ‘Make Component’. It doesn’t give you the naming pop-up, but if you conscientiously use the other one, ‘Make Named Group’ (which becomes an option under the Edit menu and thus qualifies for a shortcut such as Opt-G), to make your Group in the first place, both the Group name and its Layer are preserved when it’s turned into a Component. Great!

Thanks both, Cotty and DaveR, and an overdue case of beer for thomthom. (I wonder if he likes parsimony pie?)


You have the choice between beer or cookies…


I think if he was given a case of something from the Austmann brewery in Trondheim, it would go over rather well. :smiley: