Naming groups

I’m learning SketchUp and using SketchUp for Web. It will allow me to make a group but not name it. I am following an older tutorial on SketchUp for Woodworkers and I can really see how naming and organizing your groups can be very helpful. However, in the web version, it states that you need to upgrade.

Am I missing something or do I really need to upgrade to have that feature?

Thanks - Bob

You could use components instead of groups and give them names in the Create Component panel when it pops up. Components are generally much more efficient than groups anyway.

For groups you can add an Instance name in Entity Info which is essentially the same operation in the desktop versions of SketchUp.

Thank you DaveR, I will try that out! - Bob

So @Box ist in here without even answering :wink:

It’s my omnipresence showing through.


The SketchUp UI uses really bad names. What is called “definition” should be called “definition name”, the name of the component definitions, which can be used by any number of component instances. What is called “instance” should be called “instance name” or simply just “name” as it is the name of the individual instance you have selected.