Is it possilbe to skip the create component dialog box. streamlining workflow

I was wandering if it is possible/if there’s a setting to skip de dialog box when creating a component.
I rarely use this and press ‘Enter’ right after ‘G’. Looking for ways to speed up and streamline my workflow.

Are you actually wanting a component or just a group ?

I’m indeed looking for this option with a component. I’m using copied components a lot to edit them out of context so the component in context changes with it.

It’s not possible, if you want to make components without using the native options you can use selection toys or S4U components, create a group and after copying it make it a component assigning a shortcut.

If you are not actually naming your components for a specific purpose, after you select Make Component immediately just hit the return key and a component will be created and automatically named Component#1. If you make another component and hit the return key it will be named Component#2, and so on. The time it takes to do this is negligible unless you are creating thousands of individual components I can’t see this having a tangible effect on your workflow. Of course, if you do decide to name them yourself, your workflow times will increase depending on the name length and your typing skills.

I make a group first with keyboard shortcut and then I use Groups To Components plugin with another shortcut.

That seems like extra work if you’re going to make a component in the end anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the question!
I guess you are right. It’s just that is see this pop up a lot throughout the day and just wanted to know if there was an easy way to turn it on. Now I always just hit ‘Enter’ and that’s quick enough.

I see it a lot through the da, too. I only make components, never groups, and in most cases I want to give them appropriate names so that Outliner and other features are actually useful. When I don’t care about the names pressing G and then Enter is quick and easy.