My window keeps disappearing from view!

My “Make” is becoming impossible to work with. It will work okay and then suddenly, the window will disappear from view - it literally slides out of view. I have to go up to the menu >window>and select the relevant file and it pops back up again (so its not closing in effect) I can literally go to take a measurement, it will allow me to click on a point and then slides away out of view again.

So this morning it is now doing it constantly to the point that I am at my wits end!! I have upgraded the latest version which worked well for about 5 minutes and then it started happening agin. It does it on different files. Its does seem to start when I want to take dimensions but then anything can trigger it to disappear from view. This does seem to be related to imacs. It will also sometimes result in a bugsplat.

I am considering upgrading to pro but am very uneasy about doing so when Make can suddenly cause me so many problems. It is making my drawings unusable!

I see you are on Mac (so am I). There have been several discussions about similar behavior. It seems to be related to SketchUp and OS X’s handling of multiple displays or multiple virtual desktops (aka spaces). It helps if you disable Preferences->Mission Control->Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use, and also right click the app icon in the dock and set Options->Assign To->(choose a specific desktop). These may not apply to your Mac if you haven’t used multiple spaces or displays, in which case I don’t know a solution.

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Steve’s idea seems most plausible.

My first thought was that mouse clicks stand out in the issue description. So I wonder if a malfunctioning mouse could be sending zombie mouse clicks ?

Full Screen mode also causes erratic behaviour…

I can offer a possible ‘reason’, but no additional ‘solutions’…

Sub-window positions are stored independently by System services and the .plist receives a live update whenever you close one…

These stored position are relative to where they are closed…

When you switch to a different workspace, only open windows will be updated if moved along with the SU window, all others remain where you last closed them…

it not possible for SU to update a closed window except by using ‘Reset Workspace’, which will destroy any non-default positioning…

It may be possible to write an extension that ‘stores’ a couple of variations i.e. for single/dual monitor switching…

I have one for toolbars but other windows could also be recorded…

just thoughts


Thanks Steve,

I do use multiple displays although I did also experience this issue
previously when only working with one screen.

I will try your suggestions and see if they help at all before I launch my
screen(s) out of the window in frustration!

I will let you know if it provides any joy!

I have tried this but I am still having the same issue. - I couldn’t assign
to a particular desktop though - there wasn’t the functionality to do this.

I experience a similar behavior when parallels desktop is running on my mac. As soon as i quit parallels, sketchup fullscreen works as intended.

I have the same problem on my MacBook Air and on my iMac. It is now May 2016. It drives me crazy. If I want to move or measure an object then my screen switches to another screen. Only way to fix is that I save the document. Close the file, quit SketchUp and open it again. It will then be ok for 30 min or so and then it starts again. Ending up quitting SketchUp 10 times a day.