My walls are creating triangles


I’m working on a big model. When i try to creat new walls, with the rectangle tool, and push/pull, i get strange triangular shapes, instead of a completely filled in rectangle.


It helps if you post an image of what you see.


uh… how do i attach a screen shot to the message?




I think I’ve seen this in some rare cases. Are you tracing a DWG file? Maybe SketchUp can’t make up its mind wether the ednpoints are planar or not.

Showing hidden geometry (View > Hidden Geometry) may help to see all edges.

Saving the model starts the validity check which might also show some relevant information.


this time, i was just closing the rectangle, and this happened.


yes, i’m tracing a base plan!
This is what i see when i click hidden geometry. What now?


That is a total mess of hidden edges :open_mouth: . I’d delete all of it and start over tracing.


i thought i did delete everything, and start over more than once. Maybe the hidden lines dont erase if they’re still hidden…? What happened, so i can avoid this…?


Select tool ignores hidden geometry unless its displayed. I usually show hidden geometry while working to avoid problems with it.


ok! thank you, you’ve helped alot!


your welcome :slight_smile:


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