My SketchUp is working very slowly

can someone help me to speed up working of SketchUp

Not with so little information provided in your post. You could share the SketchUp model file so we can see what you have going on.

Your forum profile shows you are using the “Free Plan” of SketchUp 2021. Does that mean you are using a crack code?

Yes. I’m using free version

If you’re using a cracked version of SkethUp 2021, you’ve come to the wrong place for help. Pirating software is illegal. It’s stealing. Coming to a forum which is owned by the company that makes the software is like stealing a car and then going back to the owner for help because it won’t start.

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You haven’t shared your model file but based on most of the model files we’ve seen by other people who have experienced the same thing, I expect your model is bloated with excessively detailed entourage and has been poorly managed.

What is solution of it?

First get a legit subscription and then we’ll help you solve it. As a software pirate you aren’t entitled to get any help here.

Can you share subscription plans?

Here you go. This page shows the three diffferent subscription plans.

Done sir. I have bought a subscription.

Hi! i need help in SketchUp 2023. it i not working properly. It is working very slowly.

Open the Model Info>Statistics window. Tick the “Show nested components” box. See what the Edges and Faces counts show. If they run in many millions the slowness is your own fault. Don’t use bloated entourage elements from the 3D Warehouse.

It is running millions. Can you explain the term “bloated entourage” . how to fix it in SketchUp 2023.

The term bloated image is best described as too much detail in the groups and components. Usually, people download from the 3d
warehouse and not paying attention to what is actually inside the model. Another source is huge textures. Look at this video Level of detail

What if i need more details in the model. Still i will have to face the issue.

Please upload the model for examination.

how to upload model?

Google drive, onedrive, WeTransfer…
Make sure you set it public accesible and share the link

Great detail will always overwhelm SketchUp and make it run slowly. There is an art to choosing how much detail to include and where to put it. Some examples: Avoid including anything that can’t be seen, such as interior parts of objects that are closed. Avoid features that are too small to be seen clearly unless you zoom in very close to them. Pay attention to what is the real purpose of the model vs what is purely decorative; simplify the decoration. Use proxy objects for complex items while editing the model and swap the full thing in only when finished. If you use anything from the 3DWarehouse, download it into a separate model first and examine it to see whether it is badly made or overkill for what you need.

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