My sketchup is not utilizing 100% gpu thus it is getting stuck in between..

So I’ve noticed that the GPU is at 0% usage and my sketchup hangs a lot whenever I add a component from 3d warehouses or even move something or save the file it takes a lot of time I have 16 gb ram and a nvidia gtx 1650 card but it still hangs, I’ve verified that sketchup is using nvidia as the graphics card but still not 100% usage. Please help!

I am not one hundred percent sure about this, but I don’t think that SketchUp will use your GPU to load a file. As far as I know, gpu is all about drawing to the screen. Loading in a large file from 3D Warehouse can take some time, and is not sped up by your graphics setup.

Also, this is the first time that I remember seeing someone WANTING a program to use 100% of any computer reaource.

Quite a lot of the content in the 3D Warehouse is overly complex and high-polygon, especially plants, people, vehicles and upholstered furniture. A file that has millions of edges is slow whatever the computer hardware.

There is a problem in SketchUp where if you are downloading a model that has a lot of materials, into a model that also has a lot of materials, it can take a long time. Looking at the Materials tray on Windows, or the Colors palette on Mac, and selecting anything other than In Model, can reduce the time quite a bit.

When asked if you want to download the model into your existing scene, you can choose No, and instead save the model as its own file. Then go into that file and see if it needs any cleaning up, then only copy the parts that you need into your master scene. That should speed up the process, and have less risk of making your main model become too demanding.

besides, if I remember correctly from lurking on other forums, 3D softwares like sketchup (but not limited to) will only use one processor, regardless of the number.

3D modelling is a mono-thread process.

So, having a solid GPU will help on visualisation aspect (styles, camera movements, anti-aliasing…) as well as exporting (images or videos), having a lot of RAM is… always good, bigger files, faster actions, RAM is good, RAM is life. But when it comes to CPU, more power is better than more cores.
also, the difference between 2,8 and 2,9 Ghz won’t be THAT obvious in most day-to-day uses.

yeah. Because it’s either a super complex long calculation that’ll take hours, or it’s about to halt and catch fire. :upside_down_face:

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